Beginning on Thursday, August 19 (National Hot & Spicy Food Day), a portion of the proceeds from The Burger Shop's "The Souderton Scorcher" sandwich will benefit Souderton Borough Parks & Recreation. The spicier the sandwich - the more donated to the renovation of the Souderton Borough Park! This promotion is through September 30.
  • On National Hot & Spicy Food Day on August 19, all $8 from each "Last Wish" sold will be donated
  • The mildest spice level features spicy paprika with a "A Little Kick," with $1 being donated
  • The second hottest level is "I Feel You," which features a healthy dose of Sriracha and includes a $2 donation per sandwich sold.
  • The hottest level, which is called "Last Wish," includes a Ghost Pepper Sauce, will generate a $3 donation per sandwich sold from August 20 through the end of September.